Understanding The Enviroment

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Human life can not be separated from its enviromentBoth the natural environment and social environment. We need to breathe air from the surrounding environment. We eat, drink, maintain health, all require the environment. Understanding the environment is everything that is around humans that influence the development of human life, either directly or indirectly. Environment can be divided into biotic and abiotic environment. If you are in school, the environment biotiknya of school friends, teachers and employees of the father’s mother, and everyone who is in school, as well as various types of plants that exist in the school garden and the animals around him. The abiotic environment in the form of air, tables and chairs, blackboards, school buildings, and various inanimate objects that are around.
Often an environment that consists of fellow human beings is also called the social environment. The social environment that has shaped social system that play a large role in shaping one’s personality.


In particular, we often use the term environment to name all things that affect the survival of all living things on earth.
As under the Law. 23 of 1997, the environment is a unity of space and unity with all living things including human beings and their behavior that creates livelihood and welfare of humans and other living things.
The elements of the environment can be divided into three, namely:
1. Elements of Biological (biotic)
Elements of biological (biotic), namely environmental elements that consist of living organisms, like humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. If you are in school gardens, the biological environment is dominated by the plant. But if it was in the classroom, the dominant biological environment are friends or fellow humans.
2. Socio-Cultural Elements
Socio-cultural element, namely social and cultural environment that is man-made system of values, ideas, and beliefs in behavior as social beings. To achieve the regularity of people’s lives thanks to the system of values and norms that are recognized and obeyed by all members of society.
3. Physical Elements (abiotic)
Elements of physical (abiotic), namely environmental elements that consist of non-living objects, such as soil, water, air, climate, and others. The existence of the physical environment is very big role for the survival of all life on earth. Imagine, what happens if the water is no longer on earth or air filled with smoke? Of course, life on earth would not take place naturally. There will be a drought, many animals and plants die, the changes are not regular season, the emergence of various diseases, and others.

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