Situ Gunung Wetland


Situ Gunung located in Kadudampit subregency,  in the foot of gede-pangrango mountain, about 2 kilometers from mainroad Sukabumi-Bogor. Situ Gunung derives from Sunda language, the language of native people in West Java. Situ means lake. Gunung is mountain. Situ Gunung means Mountain Lake, In local people legend from ancient history, Situ Gunung is not a natural lake, it is a man-made lake. People said that the creator of the lake was Rangga Jagad Syhadana, a noble man from Mataram Kingdom. In Sukabumi, the noble man of Mataram Kingdom was known as Mbah Jalun. The water of the lake comes from Curug Cimanaracun or  Cimanaracun waterfall, located around 2 kilometers from the lake. THe waterfall has its own story. The local people believe that the water debit of the lake will never subside, even though the dry season comes. They also believe that the lake water will subside by itself when it is going to be cleansed. The water will be filled by water after it is completely cleansed.

Situ Gunung is located 950 up to 1,150 meters from the sea surface, the temperature around is relatively cold, around 16 to 28 degree Celsius. Situ gunung area about 100 hektars and have function as water conservation zone, recreation/tourist destination (camping ground, fishing, hiking/cross country), are some blocks of camping areas. If tourist  are interested in having an experience of living in the nature and feeling the natural nuance at the park, they can set up tents and spend the night at the park area. For security and comfort, advised to ask permission first from the park management. If tourist want to spend the night at a different place, around 20 meters from the park location there is an inn which rate is around 200 until 400 thousand rupiah per night

Situgunung also use by local people as water resources for daily life and place for fishing. That place manage by Forestry Department/Ministry (Gn.Gede Pangrango National Park). in that place we can find many species of bird, trees and rich value biodiversity such as: Puspa (Schima walichi), Rasamala (Altingia exelsa), Damar (Agathis loranthifolia), Saninten (Castania argantea), Gelam (Eugenia fastigiata), Lemo (Litsea cubeba), and Harendong Cai (Medinela speciosa), and also leopards, monkeys, aardvark and wild roosters, squirrels, long-tailed monkeys, boars, eagles, and peacocks.

As restricted zone/conservation zone, nowadays situgunung have problems :  solid waste management from the tourist acitivity, fishing, deterioration of water quality cause by erossion and sedimentation and the most vulnerable are of endangered species (flora and fauna).

Source: 1.Primary data; 2., etc.

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